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I've been trying to override Rails' stylesheet_path helper, but I haven't found a way how. I can't just open the ActionView::Helpers::AssetTagHelper module and override it there, because Rails won't pick up my new method.

I know it's probably because the module gets mixed in, so how do I get around that?

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Are you doing this so that stylesheet_link_tag will result in something different from normal? If so, just override that in a helper :)

Alternatively, if you really want to override stylesheet_path, you need to also redefine the alias, as, curiously, it's only accessed via its alias (in Rails 2.3.2). For example, I put this in environment.rb and it worked:

module ActionView
  module Helpers
    module AssetTagHelper
      def stylesheet_path(source)
      alias_method :path_to_stylesheet, :stylesheet_path

I personally wouldn't go this route but it should work for you if you need it :)

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