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My scenary: I'm writing an very simple text editor with highlight of digitis, in some keywords and special chars. Now I'm implementing the line numbers,for do it I'm using a ListView,that is updated to each new line added the problem that is when I down scroll using cursor,the number of lines is not updated,then if I jump to 30 line, the listView remains where it was, in line 10, for example for this reason I'm looking an way to get scroll the coordinates of RichTextBox to sincronize with scroll of listView.

Different solutions to solve it are very appreciated. I hope this is clear. hanks in advance.

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You are scrolling down in the RichTextBox? How are you getting line number now? –  Frisbee Jan 26 '12 at 14:40
@BalamBalam: I set lines numbers,with base on this: var textRange = new TextRange(TextInput.Document.ContentStart, TextInput.Document.ContentEnd); string[] lines = textRange.Text.Split('\n');and call .Length, and then: for (int i = 1, count = lines.Length; i < count; i++) { Rows.Items.Add(i); } it's called on TextChanged of RichTextBox. –  Jack Jan 27 '12 at 0:56

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Instead of developing your own text editor, you can try SharpDevelop's editor. You don't have to fully install it. Just download its source and compile only ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit

It has a property ShowLineNumbers :)

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umm,it looks like good, I'II try it. –  Jack Jan 27 '12 at 1:02
TextPointer textPointer = MyRichTextBox.Document.ContentStart.GetPositionAtOffset(8);
if (textPointer != null)
    MyRichTextBox.CaretPosition = textPointer;

    MyRichTextBox.Selection.Select(MyRichTextBox.CaretPosition, MyRichTextBox.CaretPosition);
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