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I have a slideshow set up with Magic fields like the code below, but now I need each image to have a seperate link. How can I set this up? I just can't think how I can add this to the code below, I appreciate any help anyone can offer me.

<div id="slider"> 
    $images = getFieldOrder('slideshow_slide'); 
        foreach($images as $image){ 
            echo get_image('slideshow_slide',1,$image); 
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Hooray MagicFields! <3

There are two ways to get an image in MagicFields.

Method 1 will return a full image tag:

echo get_image('slideshow_slide');

Method 2 just returns the url of the image:

echo get_image('slideshow_slide',1,1,0);

In order to generate a link to your full-size image, you'll need to construct an anchor tag using the second method. Maybe something like this:

$image_path = get_image('slideshow_slide',1,1,0);

echo '<a href="' . $image_path . '">Insert link text or thumbnail here</a>';

You might need to modify the above to work with your foreach loop, but that's the basic idea.

Update: Here's what you need to do. Create another duplicateable text field, called image_url. This field will hold the link for your image. Each image will need a corresponding url. This loop should do what you want:

if(is_array($images)){ foreach($images as $image){ $image_url = get('image_url',1,$image); echo "<a href='" . $image_url ."'>" . get_image('slideshow_slide',1,$image) . "</a>"; } }

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Its not a link to a full size image I need, but to a page. So I need to add another field per image that will allow me to input a link, and wrap around the image. e.g <a href="link to another page">slideshowimage</a> –  Hue Jan 26 '12 at 15:13
Oh, assuming it's a text field added via MagicFields (let's call it page_url), modify the above to be: $image_path = get('page_url'); –  Chris Fletcher Jan 26 '12 at 15:16
So would it be: <div id="slider"> <?php $images = getFieldOrder('slideshow_slide'); if(is_array($images)){ foreach($images as $image){ $image_path = get_image('slideshow_slide',1,1,0); echo '<a href="' . $image_path = get('page_url');. '"> echo get_image('slideshow_slide',1,$image); </a>'; } } ?> </div> –  Hue Jan 26 '12 at 15:32
Not exactly...I edited my answer with a new loop that should work. –  Chris Fletcher Jan 26 '12 at 16:00
So by creating a group called slides (and making it duplicate) and within group creating an image field called slide and a text field called link this worked for the first image, but subsequent ones don’t show in the source. Code: <?php $images = getFieldOrder('slide_slide'); if(is_array($images)){ foreach($images as $image){ $image_url = get('slide_link',1,$image); echo "<a href='" . $image_url ."'>" . get_image('slide_slide',1,$image) . "</a>"; } } ?> –  Hue Jan 26 '12 at 16:39

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