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I am attempting to figure out why some text apparently doesn't have any carriage returns in it, even though it looks like it does. I am wondering if calling innerText when Xpath'ing through a XmlDocument (in .net 4.0) strips carriage returns or other characters. Probably not, But at this point I looking for anything.

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You haven't shown any code, so it's hard to know where the data came from. By default, insignificant whitespace is not preserved when loading an XmlDocument. You might want to try setting XmlDocument.PreserveWhitespace to true before loading.

If that doesn't help, please post a short but complete program which demonstrates the problem.

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Well, I am a little hesitant to put my code online, and I am just trying to smoke out possible causes of this problem. –  DmainEvent Jan 26 '12 at 15:55
@DmainEvent: You don't need to put your real code online. You need to post a short but complete program which demonstrates the problem. The shorter the better! –  Jon Skeet Jan 26 '12 at 15:56

What's the xml:space on the element? If you need to force it to be preserve whitespace other than significant whitespace, then you can set PreserveWhitespace to true before calling Load or LoadXML.

Be cautions with this though as in most cases the person writing the XML will expect the normal XML rules for whitespace to be followed. Even worse, if you get a "works for me" by using the non-standard rules that PreserveWhitespace uses, there's no reason you should expect anyone else to parse it as you intend.

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