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I am looking for a fast WPF Charting Control. Until now we used the WPF Charting Toolkit, but that doesn't fit our needs in performance and usability.

We aren't looking for any other free alternatives.

I hope the get some recommendations regarding Wpf Charting controls.

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Have a look at the following:… –  wjbeau Jan 28 '12 at 11:44
Full disclosure, Gigasoft owner, new release now with WPF uses Direct2D Direct3D DirectX. We have a long history of real-time charting. Here's info and link to 7 meg demo that's a must see for anyone interested in fast wpf charting: link –  Robert Nov 28 '13 at 17:52
Disclosure - I work for Nevron. Check out the newly released Nevron Chart for Wpf (, which features hardware acceleration and is much faster than native Wpf charts. –  user2641607 Apr 24 '14 at 10:13

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Let me share my experience of using a wide range of WPF chart controls.

My task was to find a high performance WPF chart control to display 2D charts. High performance was very important and I took into account WPF only (didn't care about Silverlight, WinPhone and WinRT).

I didn't test free and open source projects. The majority of commercial libraries cost around $700 per developer.

And the best WPF chart is… SciChart. Please find below brief details of my research:

1. SciChart


  • High performance (gives 30 FPS with 7 mln points on my PC)
  • Very good samples
  • Technical support answers questions quickly


  • This component is just 15 months on the market (since Feb 2012). Definitely, it has already obtained global popularity, but I afraid, it may suffer from some annoying youth problems.
  • Just basic series types (but 6 new types including bubble chart is planned for upcoming release)
  • Just basic documentation, but it becomes not very important due to wide range of examples

Conclusion: Very reliable library with lovely features. The only concern I've got is a relatively small time on the market.

UPDATE (1 year after): I was right initially concerning about the youths problems of the controls and eventually implementation of my task took longer than expected. But their technical support was incredible (prompt and very helpful answers). Over that year a big job was done in improving this chart control and it became a real mature product, so for my next project I'll use them again.

2. Visiblox Chart


  • High performance. They claim that can render 200 000 datapoints instantly and 5 mln in 500ms.


  • Poor documentation, just a few samples
  • Lack of technical forums and support

Conclusion: Very risky to use. In spite of incredible performance we can face obstacles, what can be difficult to overcome.

3. VisiFire


  • High performance
  • Low price ($400/developer)
  • Supports WPF/Silverlight/WinPhone/WinRT


  • Poor documentation, just a few samples
  • Lack of technical forums and support

Conclusion: It can make sense only if price is critical for you

4. LightningChart Ultimate


  • High performance
  • The widest range of chart types


  • Just a few messages in their technical forums (it's scary for me). But based on a comment below they reply quickly by email. There is a manual in PDF, but it looks very brief for such powerful tool.
  • The most expensive one ($2622)

Conclusion: It seems like LightningChart is the most powerful chart library, but it leaves an impression of high complexity (with smaller than expected documentation) and unpopularity (with less than 20 topics in their forum). It makes more sense to use it for physicists and mathematicians (e.g. a heat map sample looks impressive), but not for ordinary guys with simple business tasks.

5. DevExpress WPF Chart


  • Perfect documentation
  • Excellent samples
  • Reliable technical support
  • Comes in bundle with tens other useful controls


  • Very low performance (100 times worse than others). Unlike his WinForms sibling, it doesn't have swift series, so it can be used for displaying just a hundred points per plot.

Conclusion: I have been using DevExpress controls for 8 years and performance of their WPF chart was the biggest disappointment for me. They don't even provide a timeframe for performance improving. Use it if you need to put 5-10 points in a beautiful chart.

P.S. I've never received money/gifts/beer from any of those vendors. I provided just my personal opinion which may be biased.

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I have been searhing commercial Charts and I agree with the list above. –  Demir Apr 25 '13 at 17:51
Dropped ChartFx recently for SciChart, the performance difference was huge. –  Kelly May 7 '13 at 10:44
IMHO, I do not agree with the cons of LightningChart Ultimate. I have been a customer for over a year and Arction has always provided great support! They generally reply emails very quickly (within a couple of hours). I actually found the API easy to understand and use, and they provide a good manual for reference. It might be the most expensive of the bunch, but if you want the highest possible performance then LightningChart is your choice. –  Roger Saele May 24 '13 at 14:13
Thanks @Roger, your opinion is valuable, so I made some changes in my post. –  Klaus May 26 '13 at 22:07
What about Telerik RadChartView? –  Wouter Jul 30 '13 at 15:52

As a full disclosure, I own scichart and was heavily involved in the development of this component. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

If you want the highest performance possible, take a look at SCICHART.

Scichart candlestick diagram

SCICHART is fast WPF Silverlight Chart component which provides ultra high performance (millions of points) out of the box. The silverlight demo shows real-time zooming and panning of a Candlestick charts with 100,000 points (select SciTrader example, Dataset=EURUSD, Timescale=Hourly) and real-time rendering of a line chart of several million points per second (select Performance Demo).

It does support Candlestick, Line, Mountain and column charts but currently not the name of each column over it. If you have a feature request, just ask!

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I have been searching Chart controls on the market for a while. I was using Telerik's chart control and now definitely considering to start using Scichart. –  Demir Apr 25 '13 at 17:22
@dr. abt - perhaps I'm missing something on your website but is there any plans to release more chart types e.g. pie chart? –  MrEdmundo Jul 22 '13 at 15:56
Hi there, we're just about to release a bunch of new chart types - no pie I'm afraid. Why not use WPF Toolkit for that? You probably don't need real-time for that! –  Dr. ABT Jul 22 '13 at 19:49
Update: SciChart 2 now includes 18 chart types: –  Dr. ABT Sep 7 '13 at 9:26

There are many chart libraries around that could fit your needs.

I'm currently using Visifire ( which include the charts you're looking for.

enter image description here


  • SL, WPF and Windows Phone versions with exactly the same API
  • one single assembly
  • high performance charts - it can render thousands of DataPoints instantly
  • customizable
  • gauges provided as well

Please have a look at the following blog with a demo app.

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In my own opinion after trying & using WPF controls from different vendors .

If Performance & reliability with huge Real-time rendering of Large dataset is required such as Financial real-time data , Financial Trading applications, & scientific application then here are the winners:

Try pumping or rendering 10,000,000 Data points of tick-by-tick data and at the same time having 20 or 30 or 40 different charts running in real-time at the same time plus other windows doing dynamic real-time Data scrolling/display on Gridviews

  1. SCICHART -- Wins by huge margin. The Performance is just too good. If you develop real-time financial applications in WPF or Silverlight - this is what you need period. Performance counts (cost GBP 799 ~= US$ 1300 )- Believe they use LOW-LEVEL programming of DIRECTX 11 to fire up the performance

  2. LightingCharts -- Comes in a far 2nd - extremely expensive and no source code ( over US$ 2500 )

  3. Visiblox Ultimate -- comes in a far 3rd -- I know they have been marketing their WPF as the fastest, please do not fall for that nonsense. Do the tests yourself and you will see. "All that glitters is not Gold"

  4. Telerik WPF RadControls - comes in a very far 4th but they keep improving so they will get better but not now . we talking about performance here , period.

The Rest are complete garbage and waste of time if you are in Financial industry or developing real-time financial trading applications .NOTE: if you are not in need of performance or real time rendering then any open Source WPF control will do e.g WPF ToolKit, Extended WPF ToolKit, AvalonDock, and others, you don't need to waste your money. Just find what works for you.

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I believe LightingChart wins on performance, by far. And you can get source code. –  Roger Saele May 24 '13 at 16:53
@Jimmy, love your answer, thanks! SciChart performs well in real-world scenarios like the one you're describing and isn't tied to a specific GPU. We're also working on improving performance about 300% in an upcoming release. Can't comment on how but details to be announced! :) - ABT (Disclaimer, owner of SciChart) –  Dr. ABT Sep 5 '13 at 11:35

DynamicDataDisplay (D3) from Microsoft Research is a good solution. Performant and very flexible but there is a learning curve and documentation very poor athough there is a decent suit of examples. Source availablity can prove useful.

Update 04/06/2013: D3 has since gone through WPF + Silverlight versions and is now a Silverlight only product :-( . Difficult to understand the logic here - MS kills Silverlight while MicrosoftResearch takes a great WPF product and makes it SilverLight only. The org v1.0 WPF version can still be found here but is not seeing any more dev :-(.

enter image description here

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This is a free solution but I add it here for completeness as it is rather extensive. –  Ricibob Mar 9 '12 at 11:18
Microsoft introduced their own proprietary charting controls shortly after this project was retired. I suspect that as a research product the end goal was something they could make money off so they don't want to compete with themselves. You can still build the WPF version from source but it is not as up-to-date –  TheXenocide Apr 4 '14 at 19:47

Good topic and worth answering by LightningChart manufacturer too.

LightningChart uses a different rendering technology than others, it renders in low-level DirectX instead of System.Windows.Media graphics. So it is unique in its kind. Combined that, with our thoroughly optimized routines and GPU shader programs gives the best performance, without needing to down-sample data or by other means lose accuracy of the data to make it render faster. The performance is real.

About Colin Eberhardt's benchmark, this is the result before LightningChart WPF participated, record 25,000 points over 30 FPS:

Benchmark results before LightningChart WPF participated

And this is the benchmark results with LightningChart WPF, 20,000,000 points over 30 FPS. Note that X axis scale has been multiplied by almost 1000 to fit LightningChart result in the same view:

Benchmark results before LightningChart WPF participated

Thanks, Colin, for being a gentleman and verifying the results, I hope you could update your page too.

Please see detailed benchmarks of WPF charting components at our site

Benchmarks / conclusions

WPF chart benchmarks of fastest charts

LightningChart is priced in the level it belongs: professional tool for professionals. If you calculate performance / cost ratio, you'll notice LightningChart wins with a clear margin. Plus, LightningChart comes with real 3D charts and GIS mapping tools, important to many trading software developers too. Nowadays many trading applications show 3D surfaces, not just lines/areas/high-lows/candles, and that's where our charts are very good at.

If you find it difficult to fit your budget, please contact me and I'll see what I can do to accommodate.

We do have forums to support the developers but most developers like to contact us directly by e-mail. We are real people giving real and friendly support, really focusing in customer questions and improvement suggestions. Most importantly, finding the way to get the customer's task accomplished.

We do everything in our power to improve our products. If you have improvement suggestion, in whichever aspect, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our personnel is very friendly and customer service oriented :-)

[I'm the CTO of Arction Ltd, manufacturer of LightningChart Ultimate SDK]

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I just tested quickly 4 products:

  • WPF - VisiBlox
  • WinForm - National Instrument - Measurement studio
  • WPF - SciChart
  • WPF - Lightning Chart

VisiBlox v4 freeze while it draws causing important lags. Everytimes it has to draw, all the UI freeze. I really did not like that. The 2 other products does not do that. I stopped there. Support seems very nice.

NI was recently our choice in our WPF although it is WinForm base. It has about same speed as SciChart (perhaps a little slower). It look likes more complete (more options) and has some features SciChart don't have. I really don't like their support (not technical enough). Very pricy. Not WPF.

SciChart has awesome support and the company is working very hard to propose and improve its product. It is a bit limited now on options/behavior (v1.6). It's interface (model) is not as good as NI. But for the price and if you can live with it's actual limitations, I would highly recommend it. Performances are incredible compare to other WPF products.

Lightning Chart has best performance on my machine, setting for manipulation (zoom, pan, ...) are standards, excellent support. Model seems very nice (interface to the control). Support many export formats. We switches from NI to Lightning Chart on our current project. It's pricy and I have a little concern about the fact that performance or compatibility seems to be related to the graphic card. I think it is the best product actually on the market and the only one that met our requirements. It really works like a charm. It is very simple to export as WMF in clipboard (or bitmap if you prefer). By far the best graphical engine for C#.

Note: I would recommend to not touch DynamicDataDisplay because there is nobody supporting it for a long time now.

I would highly recommend Lightning Chart with no hesitation. The fastest and most complete.

Hope it helps!

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I wrote a blog post a while back that provides a detailed analysis of a number of charting vendors. You can see the results here:

enter image description here

Note, as a full disclosure, I work for Visiblox which is one of the vendors studied.

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