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I've just started with orbeon and xforms for some project. I have Orbeon succesfuly integrated with my test application as xforms engine (separate deployment with crosscontext).

Now, xforms basics are behind me and I needed to implement some kind of error checking after submit. So I'm trying to handle xforms-submit-error for example like this (this is modified example from w3.org):

<xf:submission action="/processor500" method="post" id="submission1" replace="none">
    <xf:message ev:event="xforms-submit-error" level="modal">submission1 error (<output value="event('response-status-code')"/>)</xf:message>

/process500 is empty servlet, which just raise RuntimeException so it is returning 500 response code. But response-status-code in event is allways empty. Any of event properties are allways empty and i just can't figure it why (google didn't help this time).

Any suggestions?


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As avernet answered namespace is missing for the output tag. Another suggestion, you can also find the error details when you turn log4j on with debug mode. –  Jayy Jan 27 '12 at 5:39

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event('response-status-code') on xforms-submit-error is supported, and your example doesn't work most likely because you're missing a prefix on the <output> (it should be <xf:output>). Also see this XForms test case showing the event('response-status-code') in action.

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I feel so dumb now. What a shame. Thanks guys. –  Sergej Cache Fejsbúkovič Jan 27 '12 at 11:33

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