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I have a django application structured like this...


By using distutils, I can get the application to install into the python path under the "app_foo" module name.

However, any of the code inside of the "bar_app" python files which refers to things inside the django app relatively does not work when executed from the python path. For example,

from bar_app.views import stuff

I know that I can go through the app and change all the references to be absolute. For example,

from app_foo.bar_app.views import stuff

My question:

Is there anyway I can get all of the apps inside "app_foo" to also be on the python path?

Conceptually this would be similar to saying from app_foo import * for the entire path.

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You can do

from .bar_app.views import stuff


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this is definitely better than specifying app name. i'll do this if there's not a way to get them all on the path –  Keith Entzeroth Jan 26 '12 at 17:37

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