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I am writing a mathematica script and running it in the linux batch shell. The script gives as a result a list of numbers. I would like to write this list to a file as a one single column without the braces and commas. For this, I tried to use Export comand as

Export["file.txt", A1, "Table"] 

but I get the error:

Export::infer: Cannot infer format of file test1.txt

I tried with other format but i got the same error. Could someone please tell what is wrong and what i can do? Thank beforehand

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From what I understand you are trying to export the file in TABLE, why don't you try something like this ,

Export["file.txt", A1, "Text"] 
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A1 = {1,2,3};
Export["test.tab", Transpose[{A1}], "Table"];

produces a single column without braces and commas.

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