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In Word 2011 I have a basic macro that prompts the user for input, then formats that input and puts it into the document. For example:

Sub AddNewName()
' AddNewName Macro
    Dim FirstName As String
    FirstName = InputBox("Enter First Name", "")
    Dim LastName As String
    LastName = InputBox("Enter Last Name", "")
    Selection.TypeText Text:="First Name : "
    Selection.TypeText Text:=FirstName
    Selection.TypeText Text:="Last Name : "
    Selection.TypeText Text:=LastName
End Sub

I would like it to ask the user at the end: "Another Name? y/n" and if the user answers "y" then start the macro over again. I've Googled and searched stackoverflow but I either am not using the right search terms or the question just isn't out there already.

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wrap the code in a loop that breaks if the user clicks "No";

   Dim FirstName As String

   if (msgbox("Another Name?", vbyesno) = vbno) then exit do
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THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I knew there had to be SOME way to do it, but I couldn't quite figure it out from what I was finding. It works PERFECTLY. This is going to make things SO much easier for me and my co-workers. – Kim Wilkinson Jan 26 '12 at 16:45
Your welcome, you could also just if FirstName & LastName = "" then exit do which would mean 2 returns without entering anything would quit the loop. – Alex K. Jan 26 '12 at 16:49

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