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When I run the sql query I got something like this :

Disallowed implicit conversion from data type varchar to data type varbinary.... Use the CONVERT function to run this query. (severity 16)`

The data I want to insert looks like


How to done this query?

Query looks like :

UPDATE <table> SET VARBINARY_DATA = '00001200000000000010000000000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF....' WHERE ID = 12
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can we check the query –  Pankaj Jan 26 '12 at 17:05

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Use the convert function like it says.

CONVERT(varbinary(2000), '00001340132401324...', 2)

The styles for converting to/from binary are:

  • 0: Raw data, ascii codepoints become binary bytes, UTF-16 codepoints become two bytes each.
  • 1: Hex format, prefixed with '0x'
  • 2: Hex format, not prefixed with '0x'


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