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I've recently started using pydev. It seems great. One annoyance though comes from the fact that python is a dynamic language. Many of the autocompletion features will work when pydev knows the type, so

  f = open("foo.txt")

works great, pydev can figure out that f is a file and gives me great suggestions.

However, when dealing with parameters in my own functions, pydev obviously can't determine type information:

  def bar(x,y): #Pydev obv. cant tell exactly what x and y are

So I obviously don't get any suggestions when I do x..

It would be great to provide some kind of annotation that pydev can pick up to add suggestions and also to help me code a little safer by warning me I should. I know I'm thinking like someone coming from a static language, but much of the time the type of an argument should always be one thing and only one thing. Can I annotate my code to help pydev out?

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If x is a list, then this should work:

def bar(x,y):
   assert isinstance(x, list)
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You may use:

def bar(x, y):
    """This function does something.

        @type x: str
            Describe param x
        @type y: int
            Or don't describe. But not in same line.

        @rtype int
            Function returns int
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