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I'm trying to take user input from a TextView, this can be part of someone's name. And a button to + delegate an event, and then display a list of matching entries with phone numbers in a ListView. From the tutorials I have seen, Android either displays a ListView using : ListActivity with separate xml, which would not display the TextView and the button, or using : Activity with Main.axml, which would not let me populate the ListView with something like this:

ListAdapter = new ArrayAdapter<string>(this, Resource.Layout.list_item, phone_list);

where list_item is a separate xml file from Main.axml. If I use Main, it would give me a runtime error

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main.xml should contain the main layout for your Activity, which would include a ListView. In your Activity, you grab the ListView and set the adapter to whatever adapter you provide. In a separate xml file, define the row for each list item.

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