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I am currently trying to process a flat file in SSIS that uses a form feed character as the row delimiter. What would be the best way to handle this delimiter?

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My approach was going to be to create a variable, FormFeed that is the FF character. I was then going to set expressions on HeaderRowDelimiter and RowDelimiter It's an approach I had used with "weird" delimiters but saving the package results in An invalid character was found in text content. You could probably design the flat file CM with say, a comma so it saves and then assign that value at run-time to match the real format. Ugly though – billinkc Jan 26 '12 at 21:14

Refer to the answer provided to the following SO question. The example in the answer explains step-by-step how you can process a file that has Line Feed as the row delimiter and the example uses Ç (c-cedilla) as the column delimiter. You can change the column delimiter according to your requirements. This is one way, may not be the best way that you are looking for, of processing a file with Line Feed as row delimiter.

UTF-8 flat file import to SQL Server 2008 not recognizing {LF} row delimiter

Hope that helps.

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Yes, I previously read this answer, hoping that it would work in my case, but unfortunately it did not work as I had hoped. My main problem is that the flat file already has the LF as the column delimiter and the row delimiter is the FF. So I end up with either a one column wide result set with N rows, or one row with N columns, neither of which work with your otherwise excellent solution. – digital.aaron Jan 26 '12 at 22:35

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