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I made a class called Player.h. The constructor is such:

-(Player*) construct
    health = 100;
    width = 50;
    height = 50;
    return self;

And it is in my header file as -(Player*) construct;

To verify I call my getWidth method and the other getters and all return as 0 Is this the right way to make a constructor? I'm trying to incorporate better OOP practices and this is the first time in Obj-C I'm really using objects

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In objective-c there are initializers. See – George Johnston Jan 26 '12 at 18:25
your method should not be called getWidth, but just width. get is a prefix reserved for a very special role in Cocoa, and a generic getter is not it. – bbum Jan 26 '12 at 21:40
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Usually, you create objects in Objective-C by way of calling alloc/init, in your case [[Player alloc] init]. Just overwrite the init method in your class - it already has the right skeleton. Do not remove the self = [[super alloc] init] line.

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If you want your object to be constructed, you need to allocate in initialize it. While you can call your method -construct, it's traditionally called -init or -initWith<Blah> where <Blah> is some information like a rectangle or other useful value. You'd create an object like this:

Player* newPlayer = [[Player alloc] init];
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