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I want to change the datatype of a primary key column in Table A, which is referenced by Table B. The schema is something like-

Table A: (col1A number, col2A...) Table B: (col1B number, col2B...)

col2B -> col1A

I want to change datatype of col1A from number to varchar. I want that to reflect in Table B also. Is there any simple way to do that?

-- Thanks.

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No, there is no simple way to do this. Assuming that both tables have data in them, you'd need to

  • Add a new VARCHAR2 column to table A
  • Update A to set the new column equal to TO_CHAR( col1A )
  • Add a new 'VARCHAR2` column to table B
  • Update B to set the column equal to TO_CHAR( col2B )
  • Drop the existing foreign key constraint
  • Drop the existing primary key constraint
  • Drop col1A from A
  • Drop col2B from B
  • Rename the new columns (if desired) in A & B to col1A and col2B
  • Create the new primary key constraint
  • Create the new foreign key constraint

Obviously, that's going to be a rather expensive operation.

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