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First at all, maybe "landscape" isn't the better word to describe, but i can't think another one in the moment.

I'm using the following code to show an image in an ImageView, but my image that was taken with the device in "portrait" (head up) is showing sidelong.

My code:

mImageView  = (ImageView) findViewById(;

Uri u = Uri.parse("content://media/external/images/media/7");



And yes, "content://media/external/images/media/7" is a valid path.

Any ideas?

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U found out a solution???? – Froyo Aug 22 '12 at 8:12
Yes. Turns out that my device only take pictures in landscape. The "bug" was between chair and keyboard. :( – Raist Aug 22 '12 at 13:31
i know the solution for it, if u need I can tell u. – sarabhai05 Oct 9 '12 at 7:00

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Just check the image's dimensions, if it's taller than it is wider, then you can rotate it:

The relevant bits are:

  bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeFile(imageInSD);
  bmpWidth = bitmap.getWidth();
  bmpHeight = bitmap.getHeight();

  Matrix matrix = new Matrix();
  matrix.postScale(curScale, curScale);

  Bitmap resizedBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(bitmap, 0, 0, bmpWidth, bmpHeight, matrix, true);
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what are curScale and curRotate ?? – Bugs Happen Jan 13 at 13:01
for those, who could not understand this answer, here is the same thing but more explained. – Bugs Happen Jan 14 at 5:44




Use this it may works

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