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Using ExtJS 4.0.2, I can type the following into the console:

Ext.util.Format.date('2012-01-13', "m-d-Y");

I get 01-12-2012

I can correct it with:

Ext.util.Format.date('2012-01-13 00:00:00', "m-d-Y");
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Ext.util.Format.date in Ext 4.0.2 uses a Date object or a String (your case). This string is parsed using the native Date.parse() using the UTC time zone.

Try to explicitly parse it using Ext.Date.parse:

var dt = Ext.Date.parse("2012-01-13", "Y-m-d");
Ext.util.Format.date(dt, "m-d-Y");
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Great explanation. Thanks! – cbmeeks Jan 26 '12 at 19:25

This problem exists in Ext3, but the solution is slightly different:

var dt = '2012-01-31'; //date string
dt = Date.parseDate(dt, "Y-m-d");
Ext.util.Format.date(dt, 'm/d/Y'); //returns 01/31/2012
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If you're unable to use Gregor's answer (e.g. filling a grid), note that changing the input to a non ISO 8601 date format will avoid the UTC parsing as well. For example

Ext.util.Format.date('01/13/2012', "Y-m-d");

will give 2012-01-13

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