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I have a bunch of services that implement various interfaces. eg, IAlbumService, IMediaService etc.

I want to log calls to each method on these interfaces. How do I do this using StructureMap?

I realise this is pretty much the same as this question it is just that I am not using windsor.

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I think you are looking for this answer.

static void Main()
    ObjectFactory.Configure(x =>
            .InterceptWith(new ActivatorInterceptor<Form1>(y =>  Form1Interceptor(y), "Test"));


public static void Form1Interceptor(Form f)
    //Sets the title of the form window to "Testing"
    f.Text = "Testing";

I wouldn't use ObjectFactory in a real application, but at least the concept is there.

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Nice one! I can't believe you've finally answered my 5yr old question :-) thankfully I haven't been loosing any sleep over this, in fact I can't even remember what it was for! –  Derek Ekins Dec 2 '14 at 15:04

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