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It seems to be impossible to prevent application from reloading on a class file change when "Serve modules without publishing" is enabled. I have "Never publish automatically" selected in Server configuration, but every time I modify a class file (not a JSP - with JSP changes all is OK), my web app gets restarted.

After some digging around I found that changing <Context .. reloadable="true" to false in server.xml stops the reloading.

But how do I tell WTP to publish applications with reloadable set to false? It seems to be always publishing with reloadable="true", regardless of my publishing preferences...

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Going to answer my own question. Just go to the Servers view, double-click on the server, select Modules tab at the bottom, and disable auto-reloading there. Done.

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Thanks for that. What's the best way to trigger a publish after that? – Chuck Feb 25 '13 at 15:59
Right-click on server, select "Publish". But the servlets will never be reloaded I think, the only way to reload is to restart Tomcat. – rustyx Feb 25 '13 at 21:10

I was getting same issue while using Tomcat in Eclipse. My Tomcat server was ON when Eclipse get closed forcefully , when I open again and start Error: "Port is running" .

To fix this, kill this port process using command. And next time, in your server do -> Open configuration -> Argument-> Stop start -> Apply

So whenever your Eclipse exits or gets terminated, the server automatically stops.

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