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I have been staring at this code for a while now. Researching alternatives but they dont seem to work. Please tell me that i have looked over something little.

if(revertStmt == nil) {
    const char *sql = "select signature, sigdate from signatureDB where id = ?";
    if(sqlite3_prepare_v2(database, sql, -1, &revertStmt, NULL) != SQLITE_OK){
        UIActionSheet *msg = [[UIActionSheet alloc] 
                              initWithTitle:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"Error while inserting data. '%s'", sqlite3_errmsg(database)] 
                              cancelButtonTitle:nil  destructiveButtonTitle:nil 
                              otherButtonTitles:@"Okay", nil];
        [msg showInView:[UIApplication sharedApplication].delegate.window];

sqlite3_bind_int(revertStmt, 0, myID);

if(SQLITE_DONE == sqlite3_step(revertStmt)) {

     self.signature = [NSString stringWithUTF8String:(char *)sqlite3_column_text(revertStmt, 0)];
     self.sigdate = [NSString stringWithUTF8String:(char *)sqlite3_column_text(revertStmt, 1)];

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May I ask what it does that is wrong and what it should be doing? – Joachim Isaksson Jan 26 '12 at 20:28
It errors when i make the sqlite3_column_text(revertStmt, 0) call it acts like it is coming up null and throughs a SIGABRT but i've made the call to the sqlite database directly it returns the proper values. – AquaCash5 Jan 26 '12 at 21:26

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You have a couple of problems;

1) You seem to have a problem in your sqlite3_bind_int statement, you pass in 0 as an index while the documentation states

The second argument is the index of the SQL parameter to be set. The leftmost SQL parameter has an index of 1.

2) You check if the return value from sqlite3_step is SQLITE_DONE (which means it has no more rows, in this case none at all since the id isn't set due to problem 1). sqlite_column_* is only valid if the return value is SQLITE_ROW, so your call to sqlite3_column_text will blow up.

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Thank you very much it works perfectly now – AquaCash5 Jan 26 '12 at 21:50

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