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I'm accessing a PHP script on a server. The request URL is like this:


When I put in the request via a browser, I get back my expected results.

However when I use the ASIHTTP Form request, I'm getting back a result like the EID isn't being passed via HTTP.

NSString *eventID = @"19573";
NSString * const EVENT_URL = @"http://example.com/cgi-bin/getEvent.cgi";

    NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:EVENT_URL];
    ASIFormDataRequest *request = [ASIFormDataRequest requestWithURL:url];
    [request setPostValue:eventID forKey:@"EID"];
    [request setNumberOfTimesToRetryOnTimeout:2];
    [request setDelegate:self];
    [request startAsynchronous];

Anyone know of a method to see the full URL being requested? Or have any clue why this wouldn't be working?

Thanks in advance.

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My guess is that your PHP script is expecting the parameter to be sent on the query string (i.e. as a GET request) rather than as a POST parameter.

If that's the case, you can fix it be sending your request as follows:

NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@?EID=%@",EVENT_URL,eventID]];
ASIFormDataRequest *request = [ASIFormDataRequest requestWithURL:url];
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That fixed, thanks! –  Robert Eickmann Jan 26 '12 at 20:45

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