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If I know a UIView has been added to a parent, is there a native way to access the parent from within the child?

eg. [self parent] // returns parent UIView

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Sure: UIView has the superview property.

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You could try UIViews property superview

[self superview]
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in the Childs .h create a property for the parent:

ParentView *parentView;

@property (nonatomic, retain) ParentView *parentView;

(make sure to @synthesize your property in Childs .m)

then, when you alloc an instance of child imediatly asign self to the parentView property

in Parent .m:

Child *child = [[Child alloc] init];
[child setParentView:self];

then you can access the Parent view from the Child with:

[self parentView];
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This is not a native way of doing this as the OP asked for. The superview property in UIView serves as a native way to accomplish this. Another note: Nowadays it's not necessary to synthesize properties anymore. :-} –  Victor Zamanian May 13 '13 at 15:40

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