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I have a web base page where I want to generate records from my database one by one and at different time intervals. For example I have a table,


coment_id: 1 2 3 comment_message: "Hello", "Hi", "Bye"

on the page, the first comment is Hello is posted then after 10 secs Hi is automatically posted then after 5 secs Bye is automatically posted.

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You generally don't use PHP for that (nor you can really). Read about JavaScript and AJAX. In a nutshell, you make a PHP script to spit out a single comment, and then call it every 10 seconds using AJAX, it will spit out a comment every 10 seconds.

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Can i use sql codes in javascript?? I have a vague knowledge about AJAX, just the Document.getelementbyid thing but still the core part is the timer. –  Vick Jan 26 '12 at 20:52
No, AJAX is all about calling a page (as in sending a POST/GET request) without refreshing the page (which has nothing to do with document.getElementByID()). The timer itself will be initiated with window.setInterval(). May I suggest MDN? It's one of the best resources for web developers in general, and JavaScript developers specifically. –  Second Rikudo Jan 27 '12 at 7:43

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