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I wanted to know if there is way to log the mysql queries in CakePHP being executed when we use the find method on the models, I know that rails database queries, so does Cake do the same, if so how can I enable it or use it?


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Assuming you are on a nix os, the best approach would actually to tail the mysql log itself.
You might learn some interesting things out of it.

log in Ubuntu when installing from repository

tail -f  /var/log/mysql/mysql.log

As mentioned below, this is a huge performance killer (well, all logs have some performance impact). So, make sure you use it only on your dev/QA machines and only for short periods on your production machine.

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no way to log it from cakephp, like we use $this->log – Shiv May 23 '09 at 22:25
by default, mysql.log is disabled because it's a huge performance killer, You'll need to disable it from my.cnf and only do so in dev. environment! – duckyflip May 24 '09 at 12:22

This page has instructions on how to get Cake to log queries the same way as rails.

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A Very simple method to log all the queries being executed:

in your cake\libs\model\datasources\dbo\dbo_mysql.php

find the _execute function:

function _execute($sql) {
        return mysql_query($sql, $this->connection);

add the line "$this->log($sql);" before "return mysql_query($sql, $this->connection);"

function _execute($sql) {
    return mysql_query($sql, $this->connection);

That's it!!!!! All your SQL Queries gets logged. Make sure the log file is configured properly and have sufficient permission. Enjoy

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It is bad practice to directly alter core CakePHP code. This method should be avoided. If you want to alter the behaviour of Cake extend it in your app directory. – drmonkeyninja Dec 3 '12 at 16:11

CakePHP 1.3 uses the sql_dump element for that.
You can use the element directly when Configure::read('debug') is set to 2:

echo $this->element('sql_dump');

Or take it's code directly if you need to do something else with it (like echo it from a ShellTask)

$sources = ConnectionManager::sourceList();

$logs = array();
foreach ($sources as $source):
    $db =& ConnectionManager::getDataSource($source);
    if (!$db->isInterfaceSupported('getLog')):
    $logs[$source] = $db->getLog();

Echo with e.g.:

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This is what I use (put it in element folder then include in your layout)

    echo $this->element('sql_dump');
    $out = ob_get_contents();
    CakeLog::write('mysql' , $out);

then you will find the mysql.log file in TMP.logs.DS.mysql.log

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