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I have a simple form with basic info e.g.

<label>*Name:</label> [inputbox]
<label>*email:</label> [inputbox]
<label>Company:</label> [inputbox]
<label>Phone:</label> [inputbox]


I just want simple validation that turns the input box border red and the text e.g. "*name" red.... I think many validation scripts might be a bit heavy for this simple functionality...

Can anyone reocomend something simple to achieve validation as per above please?

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One lightweight way ist to use jQuery Validation



<label for="Company">Company:</label> 
<input id="Company" type="Text" name="Company"/>


    rules: {
        Company: "required",
    messages: {
        Company: "Please enter your Company",

More Information

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This plugin could help you out :



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This pops up with the tex "This field is required." - I don't need that :( –  CodeyMonkey Jan 26 '12 at 21:12

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