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Firstly, if you're not using 9.1+, please refer to this question.

How do I install an extension to PostgreSQL 9.1?

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Postgrseql 9.1 provides for a new command CREATE EXTENSION. You should use it to install modules.

Modules provided in 9.1 can be found here.. The include,

adminpack , auth_delay , auto_explain , btree_gin , btree_gist
, chkpass , citext , cube , dblink , dict_int
, dict_xsyn , dummy_seclabel , earthdistance , file_fdw , fuzzystrmatch
, hstore , intagg , intarray , isn , lo
, ltree , oid2name , pageinspect , passwordcheck , pg_archivecleanup
, pgbench , pg_buffercache , pgcrypto , pg_freespacemap , pgrowlocks
, pg_standby , pg_stat_statements , pgstattuple , pg_test_fsync , pg_trgm
, pg_upgrade , seg , sepgsql , spi , sslinfo , tablefunc
, test_parser , tsearch2 , unaccent , uuid-ossp , vacuumlo
, xml2

If for instance you wanted to install earthdistance, simply use this command:

CREATE EXTENSION earthdistance;

If you wanted to install an extension with a hyphen in its name, like uuid-ossp, you need to enclose the extension name in double quotes:

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In addition to the extensions which are maintained and provided by the core PostgreSQL development team, there are extensions available from third parties. Notably, there is a site dedicated to that purpose:

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Into psql terminal put:

\i <path to contrib files>

in ubuntu it usually is /usr/share/postgreslq/<your pg version>/contrib/<contrib file>.sql

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That's for pre 9.1. Do not use this method in 9.1+. –  Evan Carroll Jun 24 '12 at 22:56
Oh that's right, and it works for 8.4 too. –  André Herculano Jun 27 '12 at 17:27

While Evan Carrol's answer is correct, please note that you need to install the postgresql contrib package in order for the CREATE EXTENSION command to work.

In Ubuntu 12.04 it would go like this:

sudo apt-get install postgresql-contrib

Restart the postgresql server:

sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql restart

All available extension are in:


Now you can run the CREATE EXTENSION command.

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I was trying to install citext, but google was not finding this page, and this answer did not come up. Now citext is mentioned three times on this page :-) Come on google, do that indexing thing. –  Mark0978 Mar 18 at 3:12

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