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i was wondering, is there a way in android OS to start a new Dalvik virtual machine, which doesn't forked from the main zygote process (the zygote virtual machine), either through adb shell, ndk or java ?

does anyone tried to use successfully in one of the adb commands: app_process, dalvikvm, dvz ?

Thanks for the help

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hey can you post the syntax and explanation for how you were able to start an app in a dvm in a shell? I'm looking for something similar, and this would be helpful –  Aswin Kumar Sep 12 '12 at 11:01

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  1. Use dx to convert your bytecode to dex
  2. use dalvikvm to run it

If you need help use -help option

$ dalvikvm -help

dalvikvm: [options] class [argument ...]
dalvikvm: [options] -jar file.jar [argument ...]

The following standard options are recognized:
  -classpath classpath
  -verbose:tag  ('gc', 'jni', or 'class')
  -ea[:<package name>... |:<class name>]
  -da[:<package name>... |:<class name>]
   (-enableassertions, -disableassertions)
   (-enablesystemassertions, -disablesystemassertions)

The following extended options are recognized:
  -Xcheck:tag  (e.g. 'jni')
  -XmsN  (min heap, must be multiple of 1K, >= 1MB)
  -XmxN  (max heap, must be multiple of 1K, >= 2MB)
  -XssN  (stack size, >= 1KB, <= 256KB)
  -Xint  (extended to accept ':portable' and ':fast')

These are unique to Dalvik:
  -Xjnigreflimit:N  (must be multiple of 100, >= 200)
  -Xjnitrace:substring (eg NativeClass or nativeMethod)

You can also compile dalvikvm for x86 and run it in your host computer.

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Thanks for the answer. just to make sure - this way the process doesn't fork from the zygote process? meaning it will have the same initialization of the zygote process (with minor changes of course)? thanks again –  nir Jan 26 '12 at 22:46
The shell where you are launching it will be the parent –  dtmilano Jan 27 '12 at 5:03
And to be clear, if what you want to do is create a Zygote process, then you'll need to specify the -Xzygote option. But you will also have to do a bunch of other stuff. Refer to the Android source for app_process (IIRC) for details. –  danfuzz Jan 27 '12 at 17:04
thanks a lot for the help, i will refer to the source code, i managed to start a new process using dvz command but the way i understand - it's a new process where i need to give all the details (app to run and so on...) but still forked from the main zygote. if anyone wants the syntax and explanation i can post it here.... –  nir Jan 28 '12 at 10:21
It would be useful to know what do you want to achieve –  dtmilano Jan 28 '12 at 19:06

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