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I am writing an app where it is desirable to check if a view does not have some functionality - in particular because that functionality must be presented only to users in certain security group. I am looking for the opposite of assert_selects in order to see that a menu is not rendered.

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Take a look at the docs here:

From the docs:

assert_select is an assertion that selects elements and makes one or more equality tests.

and from the equality tests sections:

The equality test may be one of the following:

true - Assertion is true if at least one element selected.

false - Assertion is true if no element selected.

String/Regexp - Assertion is true if the text value of at least one element matches the string or regular expression.

Integer - Assertion is true if exactly that number of elements are selected.

Range - Assertion is true if the number of selected elements fit the range.

If no equality test specified, the assertion is true if at least one element selected.

And a simple example:

   # Page contains no forms
   assert_select "form", false, "This page must contain no forms"
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Don't forget you can always pass in the count, and set that to zero.

assert_select "a", {count: 0, text: "New"}, "This page must contain no anchors that say New"
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You can easily define your own:

module ActionDispatch::Assertions::SelectorAssertions
  def assert_no_select(*a,&b) # try to think of a better name!
    rescue AssertionFailedError
    raise "fail" # there should be a better built-in alternative
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This is not going to work as AssertionFailedError is raised before negation is evaluated. – gertas Sep 16 '12 at 18:40
Good point! Edited. – Alex D Sep 16 '12 at 18:57

I had this problem to ensure there WASN'T a 'Delete' button, out of many buttons. The accepted answer would not work in this situation because there are already several buttons.

assert_select '.button' do |btn|
  btn.each do |b|
    assert_no_match 'Delete', b.to_s

However, I really like GantMan's answer better!

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