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I have a website which in a DEV context has the URL localhost:8080/MySite and on test/live it will just be www.test.mysite.com and www.mysite.com

In my manifest i have

/ offline.html

the problem is if the user hits localhost:8080/MySite (not no slash on end) and the fallback kicks in they get redirected to localhost:8080MySite which bugs...

Does anyone know around this issue, I tried / /offline.html but that bugged the manifest

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It works fine when any page on the website is accessed or if "/MySite/" is used. It's just when you try access the root page without a slash at the end. Can anyone think how I can get around this? I'm serving the website in JSP and it has the context "MySite" –  Baconbeastnz Jan 31 '12 at 1:25
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I tried to replicate your case as much as I could. It worked fine for me using the following:

  • I have a directory structure like this one:





All my HTML files are located under /MySite/HTML/, including "offline.htm"

  • My manifest file is as follows:


    CACHE: main.htm







    / /MySite/HTML/offline.htm

If I type the Following URLs, I always get the "offline.htm" page:

  • localhost/MySite/
  • localhost/MySite
  • localhost/MySite/HTML/
  • localhost/MySite/HTML

Note the fallback URL. Tested on FF and Chrome.

Hope this helps.

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