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I have dozens of these warnings in my project and I'd like to clean stuff up. The warning is:

Warning 8   Error 2005: Mapping Association 'TPMDBO_TPM_MODIFIEDVALUES_FK1' is redundant: Its referential integrity constraint provides sufficient information.  You can safely delete the mapping information for this association.    C:\TPM\Entity\TPMEntities.edmx  6267    6277    Entity

If I double click on it, it loads some awful designer for the .edmx file which is hard to read or figure out what I can safely remove. I'd much rather work with the XML directly using the text editor of my choice.

Line 6267 says:

  <AssociationSetMapping Name="TPMDBO_TPM_MODIFIEDVALUES_FK1" TypeName="VZW.TrainingPortfolioManager.Entity.TPMDBO_TPM_MODIFIEDVALUES_FK1" StoreEntitySet="TPM_PROJECTCHANGES">
    <EndProperty Name="TPM_MODIFIEDVALUES">
    <EndProperty Name="TPM_PROJECTCHANGES">
      <ScalarProperty Name="PROJECTID" ColumnName="PROJECTID" />
      <ScalarProperty Name="VERSIONID" ColumnName="VERSIONID" />
      <ScalarProperty Name="CHANGEID" ColumnName="CHANGEID" />

Does this mean I can remove this AssociationSetMapping node from the XML completely? Thanks!

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This appears to have been an issue upgrading from the .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.0 frameworks.

Re-creating the model from the database fixed the issue.

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