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Section 6.4.1 of the Grails manual indicates:

"To rewrite one URI onto another explicit URI (rather than a controller/action pair) do something like this:

 "/hello"(uri: "/hello.dispatch")

Rewriting specific URIs is often useful when integrating with other frameworks."

I was hoping to use this faculty to map directly onto an html file, e.g.

   "/test"(uri: "/test.html")

but it didn't work. Can you please clarify / expand on what the URI faculty is for (e.g. what is "hello.dispatch" typically)? Any working example of how to use this URI faculty would be great.

Also, if you do know a way to map a URI onto an html file type (and not a GSP/JSP), please let me know. The view faculty appears to only map onto GSPs/JSPs.


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What you are trying should work. Make sure that you put test.html at /path/to/project/web-app/test.html

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