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I am looking through the Tweepy API and not quite sure how to find the event to register for when a user either send or receives a new tweet. I looked into the Streaming API but it seems like that is only sampling the Twitter fire house and not really meant for looking at one indvidual user. What I am trying to do is have my program update whenever something happens to the user. Essentially what a user would see if they were in their account on the twitter homepage. So my question is: What is the method or event I should be looking for in the Tweepy API to make this happen?

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Don't know much about tweepy, but you should really look into Twitter's API Document here, which describes your need directly.

And I took a look at tweepy but don't seem to find it support the userstream series of Twitter API, maybe you have to wrap it yourself :-)

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I don't think there is any event based pub-sub exposed by twitter. You just have to do the long polling.

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I used the .filter function then filtered for the user I was looking for.

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