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Here's sample a code.

$(".remove.group").live("click", function (ev) {
    var button = $(ev.currentTarget);
    var action = button.get(0).dataset["action"];
    var method = button.get(0).dataset["method"];
    var modal = $("#remove");
    modal.find(".primaryaction").bind("click", function (e) {
            url: action,
            type: method,
            dataType: "xml",
            success: function (rawResponse, status, xhr) {
               //some business logic
            error: function (xhr) {

                var message = "Could not remove group";
    modal.find(".cancelButton").bind("click", function (e) {

    return false;

I am using nyroModal and jQuery here.

All the click events work fine for the first time. But if I do reopen the modal again and click on either of the buttons nyroModal ends up throwing error:

this.elts.cont is undefined

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If you look at the debug version, I solved this problem by adding a test for the elts existence.

       _unreposition: function() {
            if (this.elts.length) {
               this.elts.cont.css('overflow', '');
               var elts = this.elts.all.find('.nmReposition');
               if (elts.length)
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For completeness do what @Sparkx did, but then I had one more error which was "TypeError: nm.elts.cont is undefined". To fix this change:

hideCont: function(nm, clb) {
  nm.elts.cont.css('overflow', 'hidden').fadeOut(clb);


hideCont: function(nm, clb) {
  if(nm.elts.cont) nm.elts.cont.css('overflow', 'hidden').fadeOut(clb);
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