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Vim shortcut to traverse the words in forward direction i.e left to right is w / W What is the shortcut to go in the opposite direction?

Similarly x deletes character on which cursor is there. So continuously pressing it deletes characters from left to right. Is there a shortcut to delete characters from right to left i.e characters before the cursor.

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$ vimtutor is the most useful 30 minutes you will ever spend if you plan to use Vim seriously. Both bB (the response to your first question) and d^ (the response to your 2nd question) are covered there. –  romainl Jan 27 '12 at 6:39

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b goes backwards to the previous beginning of a word.
dh will delete the character before the cursor (just a delete with the movement h=back one character)
db will delete from the cursor position to the previous beginning of a word (excluding the letter at the cursor). e.g. ([] is the cursor position)

first middle la[s]t " type b
first middle [l]ast " type b again
first [m]iddle last " type db
[m]iddle last

Of course b is just a movement command, so you can tack it on to any command that takes a movement, e.g. cb will cut/change to the beginning of the word, vb will highlight it, etc.

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Similarly, as x deletes the character to the right of the cursor (which is generally drawn as being under the cursor), X deletes the character to the left of the cursor. –  Trevor Powell Jan 27 '12 at 6:09

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