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I feel like this may be a dumb question, but it's late and my head is melting a bit.. So I appreciate the assistance.

I'm trying to map the url http://localhost:3000/admin to a dashboard controller but i'm epically failing. Maybe this isn't even possible or the completely wrong idea but anyway my routes looks like this and yes

namespace :admin do
  resources :dashboard, { :only => [:index], :path => '' }

and my simple dashboard_controller.rb

class Admin::DashboardController < ApplicationController
  before_filter :authenticate_user!
  filter_access_to :all

  def index
    @schools = School.all

and my view is located in views/admin/dashboard/index.html.erb

thanks for any input

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If all you're trying to do is route /admin to that dashboard controller, then you're overcomplicating it by namespacing it like that.

Namespacing with a nested resource like that would mean that it would be /admin/dashboards for the :index action instead of having a clean /admin route (and you can verify that by running rake routes at the command line to get a list of your routes).

Option 1: You meant to namespace it like that

# putting this matched route above the namespace will cause Rails to 
# match it first since routes higher up in the routes.rb file are matched first
match :admin, :to => 'admin/dashboards#index'
namespace :admin do
  # put the rest of your namespaced resources here

Option 2: You didn't mean to namespace it like that


match :admin, :to => 'dashboards#index'


# Remove the namespace from the controller
class DashboardController < ApplicationController

Views should be moved back to:


More info:

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Thanks Robbed! Option 1 fixed me. – shrunken_head Jan 27 '12 at 15:35
These only work for mapping the specific path /admin to the specific action dashboards#index. They do not also map /admin/:action to dashboards#:action. – cilphex Mar 8 at 1:44

Regarding to I prefer this

namespace :admin do
  root to: "admin/dashboards#index"
  resources :dashboard
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Try this:

namespace :admin do
    root to: 'users#index' # whatever. Just don't start with /admin
    #resources :dashboards <= REMOVE THIS LINE !
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