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I have the requirement to offer a SOAP-based web service in my Rails 3 application (yes, I would prefer REST-based web service but that's not my decision unfortunately) - Rails 3.1.1. if that matters.

I have looked up several threads at stackoverflow that deal with the topic "Rails 3 + SOAP Web Services", I also browsed and github in search of a clear solution. My researches however seem to give me the conclusion that a) REST-ful web services is the Rails-way to go (ok, nothing new) and b) there is not the preferred SOAP gem/github project for Rails 3.

For example if I search for "actionwebservice" on github, I found that there are 109 forks - yikes - of what seems to be the "original" (Rails 2.*) actionwebservice gem: At the "actionwebservice" query also presents more than a dozen results.

Any hints, what would be the way to go? To clarify: I do not want to consume a Web Service in my Rails 3 application, I want to offer one (i.e. server side, not client side)

Thanks in advance. Klaus

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Based on this thread it looks like you might try forking the Action Web Service code on Github, updating it to work with the latest Rails and then using the new gem... might even get some cred for updating it.

Although that would be a bit of work...

Soap4R also may provide a solution (and a more recent one) but it too has been ageing.

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I have tried wash_out which seems to be quite straight forward to use. – kwirschau Mar 9 '12 at 6:34

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