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I want to be able to include some information surrounding a users profile in the admin edit view. Is there a simple way of extending the edit view to include some arbitrary html?

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You can write your own change view and create template for it which will contain some additional info (link). But this will only work for chosen admin panel. Another possibility is to create admin directory in your templates and override default template (you have to containt path to this dir in your TEMPLATE_DIRS setting), but i am not sure of this one.

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The easiest solution I found so far are readonly fields, see

The most important in those is the fact that you can not only put fixed strings there (also HTML) but also functions which return anything

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IMHO the best solution if you just want to display some additional information and setting help_text is not feasible enough. – Hein van Dyke Oct 28 '14 at 15:48

You can override admin templates.

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You could also look at using change_view. Here are some docs

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The second link not work – Abbasov Alexander Jan 17 at 3:06

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