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I currently have an apartment database website I pay for "http://www.apartmentdata.com/?SITEID=38207" This is the beginning of the search process. I am making my own custom site and I want it to have links that go directly to apartments, or any page past the initial search page. None of these will open unless the initial search page is opened first. I noticed that once this page is opened there is a certain cookie on my computer and without it none of the other pages will open. Can I use this cookie somehow from my new website to unlock all the pages fpr clients?

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For fairly obvious security reasons, you cannot generally set a cookie for a site you do not control. You'll have more luck contacting your vendor and asking that they permit direct links to listings.

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Try making a small frame that loads the search page. If that fails, use a pop-under to load the search page.

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If the directly-linked site is checking for, and finding, the cookie the sites must, unless I'm grossly mistaken, both be on the same domain?

Do you know what data is held in the cookie, it might be worth setting, or trying to set, the cookies as visitors come to the site following the direct-links.

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