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I want to run a power shell script which can run a exe file and following are my requirements. I have that exe file in a remote server location(//ES-WEBSRV01/DBMigration) which is shared to my local machine. Also I want to run that ps file through a cmd.exe.

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You can simply call it like any other program:


or, if it contains spaces somewhere along the path:

& "\\ES-WEBSRV01\DBMigration\some thing.exe"

I have no clue what you mean by »Also I want to run that ps file through a cmd.exe.«, though. If you mean that you need a batch file and want to run the PowerShell script from there, then:

powershell -file myscript.ps1
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Mount the network folder as drive.

NET USE G: \\ES-WEBSRV01\DBMigration

Then run the program in cmd.exe

G:\> something.exe
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Don't do things that have global effects to solve local problems. – OldFart Jan 27 '12 at 16:28

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