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Using Ruby (1.8.7) and Rails (2.3.8)

doing myObject.attributes gives you a hash of attribute to value.

lets say I have the scenario:

class MyObject
    has_many :other_objects

class OtherObject
    belongs_to :my_object

There should be a way to get the names of the associations tied to an object, right?

Even if there isn't be default, I'd be interested in help with a .associations method, similar to the .attributes -- except, return an array instead of a hash.

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reflect_on_all_associations should do it.


MyObject.reflect_on_all_associations.map{|a| a.name.to_s} #=> ["other_objects"]
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Added example usage. –  dgasper Jan 27 '12 at 10:06

Gives you all the associations and aggregations that an activerecord has, and gives you all the information you might need about them (class of the associated objects, foreign key etc.)

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