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I am using sugarCRM Open Source Application for my own purpose. When I click the Home link the above URL is like:


How can I find out the flow of code using the above url. I have verified the sugarCRM developers guide regarding the url, but I cannot get the solution. How they call the functions or classes using like this.

Actually why I am asking is I want to modify the existing code to add some extra modules. I am struggling for last one week without solution.

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That is saying you are in the sales Tab and on the 'Index' Page of the Home Module.

Firstly there is a modules directory in the root of the application inside which is a directory for each module, secondly for customisations there is a custom directory in the root of the application, where is generally all custom code is placed to make SugarCRM upgrade safe. There is a customCode variable you can add for placing custom code in the custom files.


'customCode'=>'{if $surrent_user->user_name==\'admin\'} .....some code...... {/if} {if $current_user->user_name!=\'admin\'} <input name="assigned_user_name" value="{$fields.assigned_user_name.value}" readonly="readonly"> {/if}',

The SugarCRM forums can be quite good

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