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I have the following structure of my app:

v4 FragmentActivity --> v4 ViewPager --> v4 Fragment
                                     --> v4 ListFragment

I'm using ActionBarSherlock (which I would really recommend), and the structure of the Activity is based on the demo at https://github.com/JakeWharton/ActionBarSherlock/blob/master/samples/demos/src/com/actionbarsherlock/sample/demos/app/ActionBarTabsPager.java . So the two fragments are displayed as two tabs for the user.

When a user clicks an element of the ListFragment I want to load an url in a WebView in the same place as the list is. That is, I want to replace the ListFragment (put it on the back stack) with a new WebView.

So far I've tried using FragmentTransaction.replace() from the Activity. That kind of works, except two issues:

  • The ListFragment doesn't display the WebView before I rotate the device (i.e. the acitity is recreated).
  • The content of the other tab disappears (it's just blank)

What is the correct way to replace the ListFragment with another Fragment?

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Alternatevely, you could use a custom HorizontalScrollView instead of a ViewPager and overwrite its onTouchEvent method to get the same snapping effect you get with a ViewPager, like this:

public class MyHorizontalScrollView extends HorizontalScrollView {

    public MyHorizontalScrollView(Context context) {

    public MyHorizontalScrollView(Context context, AttributeSet attrs) {
        super(context, attrs);

    public MyHorizontalScrollView(Context context, AttributeSet attrs, int defStyle) {
        super(context, attrs, defStyle);

    public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent ev) {
        switch (ev.getAction()) {
           case MotionEvent.ACTION_UP:
                    if (mScrollable) {
                        View child = getChildAt(0);
                        if (child != null) {
                            final int currentX = getScrollX();
                            final int windowWidth = getResources().getDisplayMetrics().widthPixels;
                            final int totalWidth = child.getWidth();
                            int showingElementNumber = 1;
                            int i = windowWidth;
                            while (i < currentX && i < totalWidth) {

                            int scrollTo = 0;
                            if (currentX < (windowWidth * (showingElementNumber - 1) + windowWidth/2)) { // Previouses widths + half the current
                                scrollTo = windowWidth * (showingElementNumber - 1);
                            } else {
                                scrollTo = windowWidth * showingElementNumber + marginSize; 
                            smoothScrollTo(scrollTo, 0);
                            return false;

                    return super.onTouchEvent(ev);
                return super.onTouchEvent(ev);

Then you could add two Fragments inside it and use a regular FragmentTransaction with addToBackStack() to get what you want.

NOTE: If you want to use the above code, just make sure your Fragments are the same width as the entire screen and remember you structure should be something like

MyHorizontalScrollView > LinearLayout > YourFragment1
                                      > YourFragment2
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I liked this solution. It was easy to implement and didn't mess up the code with workarounds. In this particular case I had some issues with scrolling sideways triggering link clicks in the WebView. –  RoyS Feb 1 '12 at 7:23

As a workaround I've done what AndroidTeam At Mail.Ru and connoisseur suggest as answers on Replace Fragment inside a ViewPager. This is of course a pretty bad way solving this. I feel kinda dirty now. :-S

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