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UPDATED more info included Init in JS:

    $(".MyDivLink .MySettingsDivLink").fancybox({
    'scrolling'         : 'no'

When I clicked on MyDivLink opens fancybox window which contains MyDiv. Code of link:

<a class="MyDivLink" href="#MyDiv"></a>

Code of openin window:

    <div id="MyDiv" align="center">
        <textarea></textarea> //and other datafields
    <a class="MySettingsDivLink" href="#MySettingsDiv"></a></div>

User puts data in textarea, set checkboxes etc and then clicks on MySettingsDivLink. It contains extra settings fields. Code of MySettingDiv:

    <div id="MySettingsDiv" align="center">
        //extra settingsfields
    <a href="#" onClick="$.fancybox.close();">SAVE</a></div>

The problem is that MyDiv closes when user clicks on MySettingDivLink, so then user presses SAVE in MySettingsDiv I need MyDiv opened.

How can I make MyDiv window not to close when clicked on MySettingsDivLink? Using fancybox 2.0

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You are going to need to include some more source to assist us ... or even better create a – ManseUK Jan 27 '12 at 10:25
jsfiddle will take too much time for launching fancybox I guess, so I explained the problem in much words above. Thank you – 966p Jan 27 '12 at 11:10

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