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In the below example how do i mention speed in 2nd case or atleast make it work instantaneously $container.cycle(i, manualEffects[i]);

Also if i mention effect = none. it doesn't work

$(function() { 
    var $bc = $('#buttonContainer'); 

    var $container = $('#container').cycle({ 
        fx: 'scrollLeft', 
        speed: 300, 
        autostop: 1, 
        autostopCount: 1 

    var manualEffects = ['fade','turnUp','curtainY','blindZ','zoom']; 

    $container.children().each(function(i) { 
        $('<input type="button" value="'+(i+1)+'" />') 
            .appendTo($bc).click(function() { 
                // pass fx name as 2nd arg for a one-time override 
                $container.cycle(i, manualEffects[i]); 
                return false; 



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Check Out This link. I hope you are looking at FastOnEvent option


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The speed is controlled by your jquery.cycle.all.js (or minified version) near the mid-bottom of the code:


    // override these globally if you like (they are all optional)
    $.fn.cycle.defaults = {

You'll see a bunch of settings, including:

    timeout:       6000,  // milliseconds between slide transitions (0 to   
    disable auto advance)

    speed:         1000,  // speed of the transition (any valid fx speed value)

Those are arbitrary numbers -- adjust them for yourself. Just change timeout to, for instance, 6000, like I have it, for a longer slide. Then change the transition speed to 1000, for instance, for a quicker transition. It's pretty simple.

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