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I am currently working on an app, which includes a paint function. It actually doesn't work that bad, but the problem is, that the refresh-rate or the frequency of the calls for the touchesMoved-method is too bad.

If you move the fingers fast over the screen, the lines get many edges and it doesn't look that good. So i thought about increasing the call-frequency for this method. Would that be a good and even possible solution for my problem?

Maybe you can help me with my problem. Thank you in advance.

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Think about this approach: Look at Adobe's Ideas App on the AppStore. If touchesEnd, work with NSBezierPath to get a smoother look without edges. You basically store the points in touchesMoved in an array? So you got the points to insert in the Bezier Path functions. You have a edgy look while drawing but after releasing it looks kind of smooth. I did so in one of my projects and result is fairly okay.

(But there are many other approaches to build a drawing application.)

Demo App from Apple: Click here

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