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I want to initialize a String in Java with japanese characters as below.

String str = "最終条件";

But when I type in my Eclipse Java editor, it is displayed like this

String str = "|||||||";

What should be the reason and how can i solve it?

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Are that really seven bars for the four Japanese characters? Then it could be more than a font problem. What happens if you enter the characters as Unicode sequences? Are they displayed correctly in other views then, e.g. the Javadoc rendering? – Hauke Ingmar Schmidt Jan 27 '12 at 22:50

Have you tried changing the text file encoding in your project properties?

Right-click on your project, click "Properties" and change "Resource" -> "Text file encoding" to "UTF-8", "Shift_JIS" or any other suitable encoding.

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Try changing the font used by the text editor to one that supports Japanese characters. Menu: Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Colors and Fonts -> Basic -> Text Font -> Edit

Here is a SO thread about Unicode fonts: complete, monospaced Unicode font?

Good luck!

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You can also rely on the \u sequences for your Japanese character. For instance, you can use a tool like which converts any char sequence pasted in to the text area into a Java String.

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