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enter image description here




composite -gravity center overlay.png  background.jpg  result1.jpg



convert -composite background.jpg overlay.png -gravity center result2.jpg


convert -composite background.jpg -gravity center tool_marker.png  result3.jpg


How can I achieve the results from result1 while using convert as the executable rather than composite?


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convert background.jpg tool_marker.png -gravity center -composite result4.jpg –  Piotr Tomasik Jan 27 '12 at 12:09

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You can start by using the operators in the right order. That is set the 'settings' first. "Composite" command is 'read all settings then apply ONE operation, type of command (traditional UNIX) "Convert" is a 'do options as you see them', with MULTIPLE operations possible. (script-like command)

convert  background.jpg  tool_marker.png -geometry +50+50 -composite result4.jpg

Note the +50+50 is the location of the top-left corner of the 'tool_marker.png" image. You will need to subtract the 'pin-point' location in that image to get it to pin point in the right location.

Gravity Center (if given BEFORE the -composite operation that uses it), aligns the center of BOTH images.

convert background.jpg tool_marker.png -gravity center -composite result4.jpg
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