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In JQuery Mobile I am using changePage() to redirect back to a previous page, using the following.

$.mobile.changePage( previousPage.prevObject[0].id, { transition: "slide"} );

This all works fine. What I am having problems with is, if I am trying to clear the HTML elements from the page that I am leaving. using the following -


This does not happen. If I use the correct back button provided in the JQuery Mobile UI such as this -

<a href="" onclick="clearNavigation();" data-rel="back">Back</a>

The onclick being the function to clear the HTML elements... this way works, but the animation is slow. It will first clear the HTML elements leaving a blank page and the redirect back to the previous page. This just does not look smooth. Is there a way I can redirect back and then remove the elements. to seem like I have speeded up the transition?

Thanks Rory

PS - The function I currently have for clearNavigation() -

function clearNavigation(){
     $.mobile.changePage( previousPage.prevObject[0].id, { transition: "slide"} );
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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but have you tried jqmRemoveData() function?

jqmData(), jqmRemoveData() (method)

When working with jQuery Mobile, jqmData and jqmRemoveData should be used in place of jQuery core's data and removeData methods (note that this includes $.fn.data, $.fn.removeData, and the $.data, $.removeData, and $.hasData utilities), as they automatically incorporate getting and setting of namespaced data attributes (even if no namespace is currently in use).

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