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I want to search in VIM in multiple split-windows


  1. Highlight word under the cursor with '*' in a split-window
  2. Press 'n' to jump to the next occurrence in all split-windows without changing windows via Ctrl-w-w

Is this possible?

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nnoremap <silent> n :exe (search(@/, 'nW') == 0 ? "normal \<lt>c-w>\<lt>c-w>ggn" : "normal! n")<cr>
nnoremap <silent> N :exe (search(@/, 'bnW') == 0 ? "normal \<lt>c-w>\<lt>c-w>G$N" : "normal! N")<cr>

This answers the question, but I do not feel like it is in the spirit of vim. I prefer the feel of using the quickfix window.

After using * execute the following:

:cexpr []|exe "windo vimgrepadd//j %"|copen

Now you can use :cn and :cp to move through the searches. I personally use Tim Pope's unimpaired.vim, which provides nice mappings in the form of [q and ]q.


:h search(
:h quickfix
:h cexpr
:h windo
:h vimgrepadd
:h copen
:h cn
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You can create a macro for it, like: qq*CTRLwCTRLwnCTRLwCTRLwq.

Now you can hit @q to do the search. And you can set up a map for it:

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