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Given a matrix A and B of same size, i would like to construct the C matrix of same size, such that it satisfies the below constraint.

  1. if a_ij = 0 then c_ij = min(0,b_ij)
  2. if a_ij = 1 then c_ij = max(0,b_ij)
  3. if (a_ij <> 0 and a_ij <> 1) then c_ij = b_ij.

where a_ij is the i-th and j-th entry of A matrix. The entries in the A matrix are between 0 and 1.

How optimally we can implement this in matlab. The one i implemented has lot of variables and confusing for me.

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C = B;
C(A == 0) = min(C(A == 0), 0);
C(A == 1) = max(C(A == 1), 0);
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